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wizard of legend review header

Wizard of Legend Review – Meet The Spellslinger

The common envisioning of a wizard in video games is a frail fighter who tends to stay behind the front lines and throw spells from relative safety. The thick of…

deus ex mankind divided cover

March Humble Monthly Includes Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mafia III as Early Unlocks

Humble Monthly is a monthly subscription service which gives customers a curated selection of games each month. The games for March 2018 are now available for users to download and…

Humble Bundle video software bundle

Humble Cyberlink Software Bundle: Alternative Comparison

This month’s Humble Software Bundle is an interesting one that’s definitely aimed at the “content creator” in all of us. It’s now easier than ever to get your idea shot,…

Star Wars Humble Bundle 3

Star Wars Humble Bundle 3 Now Available

Star Wars fans could probably use something to keep themselves busy in the time between Rogue One and Episode VIII. Luckily, Humble Bundle apparently felt THAT disturbance in the Force…

Humble Bundle 13

Humble launches its 13th Indie Bundle

While it can be kind of hard to keep track of all of the different bundles offered on the Humble site, the main line of Humble Indie Bundles are always…

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Humble Weekly Sale Update, 21.11.13

Although belated, here is a quick write up for this weeks Humble Weekly Sale, this will become a weekly article to keep you all up to date on all things…

rsz humblestore

Humble Store: Did Humble just give us a Steam sale.

The people who bring you Humble Bundle, have just announced The Humble Store, with a debut sale to celebrate its launch.