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Orphea is Heroes of the Storm’s First Original Character and 2019 Updates Announced

Heroes of the Storm borrows characters from Blizzard’s different franchises, but this time the game is going to do something a little different – introduce a brand new, wholly original…

heroes of the storm road to blizzcon

Heroes of the Storm Review – Fun, For a Little While

Heroes of the Storm is the highly anticipated free-to-play MOBA released by Blizzard this past Tuesday. Even in beta, it had already spawned tournaments and has opened its doors officially to a significant…

Nova Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard MOBA Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) launches today

Anyone who touched DOTA All-Stars, the map mod of Warcraft III that lifted the then-niche MOBA genre to prominence, knew that it would become bigger. Rough estimations put the game’s playerbase…