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Playcrafting Spring Play Expo 2017 Recap

Playcrafting Spring Play 2017 Expo Recap

I had the pleasure of attending Playcrafting’s Spring Play 2017 Expo on Thursday. Like the many Playcrafting events I had been to before, I saw developers and attendees of all stripes uniting…

Playcrafting Spring Play 2017

Playcrafting Spring Play Expo Is Happening April 27

Playcrafting’s Spring Play Expo will be taking place on April 27, 2017 at the Microsoft Building at 11 Times Square in Manhattan. Playcrafting is an organization dedicated to bringing game development…

E3 2015 SONY

Recap: Sony E3 2015 Conference

Sony started the show with a montage of both first and third party games showing on their curved stage screen. Shawn Layden came out to speak of the PlayStation 4’s…

news forza horizon 2 1410516859

Forza Horizon 2 Review: Rev Your Engines, Raise the Bar

Everyone knows what the Forza series brings to the table; fast cars, great driving mechanics, and tons of customization options, but the second game in Forza’s spinoff series, Forza Horizon…