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Slay Demons With Old-School Flair in GOG Timed Exclusive Project Warlock

Old-school FPS fans rejoice, a new game in this shooter renaissance looks to be in the making with the upcoming GOG.com timed exclusive, Project Warlock. Project Warlock is a self-described FPS that…

gog ziggurat

GOG Summer Sale Week Two Underway, Offers Ziggurat For Free

Week two of the GOG summer sale is underway, and to mark the occasion, the folks at GOG are offering roguelite FPS Ziggurat for free. The shooter, which GOG describes as a…


First Person Saturday – HeXen

Two weeks ago, we tackled a shooter known as Heretic, a fantasy-based FPS from the Doom era. Today, we’re going to look a little further ahead to the release of HeXen: Beyond…