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Necropolis Header

NECROPOLIS Review – Grind Souls

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the full release of NECROPOLIS. I’d played the demo twice, once at GenCon2015 and once at PAX Prime, and both times it…

Necropolis Harebrained Schemes

Future Plans for Necropolis, Patch 1.02 Launched

On July 20, 2016, Harebrained Schemes posted this announcement on their Steam page, concerning updates and improvements for their dungeon crawler Necropolis. Necropolis, which released earlier this month, has had…


Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition Released

Justifying the enormous trust of Kickstarter backers once again, Shadowrun developer Harebrained Schemes has not only delivered a stellar game but now they’ve fulfilled the $1,000,000 stretch goal and added…

Shadowrun Title

Shadowrun: Hong Kong Review – Zombie Samurai

Back in 2012, developer Harebrained Schemes tantalized audiences with a well presented isometric RPG Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter proposal and received over 4 times their requested funds to get the project…

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GenCon 2015 – Golem Arcana Spotlight

Golem Arcana is a  unique tabletop game that blurs the lines between tabletop miniatures game and digital board game. Played with beautifully pre-painted miniatures on a physical board, the game…

Golem Arcana Header

GenCon 2014 – Golem Arcana

One of the things that seems to be gradually growing in tabletop gaming is the leveraging of technology as a major part of experience . With games such as X-COM (Fantasy…