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Hard West Articles

GOG Winter Sale Stars Header

The Stars Come Out for the GOG Winter Sale

The end of the year is here, so it’s time for folks like us to create impossible lists ranking the hundreds of games worthy of attention this year. Thankfully, all…

Phantom Doctrine Header

XCOM Meets Cloak and Dagger in Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine by Creative Forge, the folks behind Hard West, is the game you’d get if you took XCOM, removed all of the alien and sci-fi bits, replaced them with 1980’s…

hard west image

Hard West Review – No Daisy

The American-European 93 cultural exchange treaty pertaining to gaming seemed like an excellent deal when we first signed it. America got our rich medieval history, leading to the creation of…

Hard West Logo2

Western themed Tactical RPG, Hard West, will make debut as Gamescom and PAX Prime

When it comes to settings, the Wild West is a fond one in terms of actions games as Red Dead Redemption and Luckslinger, but it’s never really been a staple…