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Overwatch PTR Changes Coming For Doomfist, Sombra, & More

Overwatch has a new Developer Update out, and Game Director Jeff Kaplan spends his time on camera talking about some upcoming PTR changes for six of the game’s heroes. Six of…

overwatch hanzo casual skin snowball face

Hanzo’s Casual Skin Changes Pushed To Overwatch PTR

The upcoming changes to Hanzo’s Casual Skin in Overwatch have been pushed to the game’s Public Test Region server according to a post on the game’s official forums from Community Manager…

Overwatch Hanzo Casual Skin Target Practice

Hanzo’s Casual Skin In Overwatch Is Getting A Makeover

Hanzo’s Casual skin in Overwatch will be undergoing some changes following feedback from the player base according to a post from Community Manager Josh Engen on the game’s official forums. A…

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Overwatch Character Highlight: Hanzo

Every sniper class hero plays very differently. Hanzo is the sniper designed for mid to long range combat. His abilities allow him to easily maneuver around the map, see through…