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Halo Master Chief Collection Articles

Raptor Picks 2014

Raptor Picks 2014 – Xbox One

2014 was the Xbox One’s first year, and it was a rocky one for the console to start with. Throughout the year, much of the stories were about how much…

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s new update addresses some of the issues

Halo: Master Chief Collection has been in the eye of the storm since its release. At launch, it suffered many online connectivity and matchmaking bugs that made the game unenjoyable for…

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343 Industries Apologize for Master Chief Collection Online Troubles

The Master Chief Collection, released on Nov. 11 was meant to be a celebration of the four main series Halo games but has unfortunately been 2 weeks of frustration for…

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Halo: Master Chief Collection: Why Not Two Disks?

There has been great excitement as the Halo: Master Chief Collection nears its launch date, but there is one snag that the game’s development director insists is a non-issue: that there…

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New Halo 2 Anniversary news – UPDATE

Today at RTX there were two new announcements made for the new Halo Master Chief Collection released by Andy Dudynsky, the community manager of the 343 Manager. At their panel…