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gunvolt chronicles luminous avenger ix

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Now in Development

The next Gunvolt game, Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX starring anti-hero Copen is now in development exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Copen was playable as half of the main cast in Azure Striker…

Blaster Master Zero Update

Blaster Master Zero 1.2 Update Adds Destroyer and EX Character Modes

On May 3 developer Inti Creates released the 1.2 update for Blaster Master Zero which added two new modes to the game: Destroyer and EX Character. Destroyer mode is basically an…


Gunvolt: Azure Striker Review

This game is the epitome of fun, in my books. This is definitely a must for any Megaman fan, as it combines a lot of the core features of the…