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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons Halted

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons Suspended Indefinitely

Sad news for Guild Wars 2 fans: ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien has indefinitely suspended development on the new set of Legendary Weapons originally set to launch with recent expansion Heart…

Guild Wars 2 Logo

Guild Wars 2 Goes Free-To-Play Effective Immediately

If you have been holding out for a chance to play Guild Wars 2, believing the game may go free to play, your wait is over. Effective today, you can…


Recap: PC E3 2015

PC gaming finally has a press conference at E3. The PC Gaming Show began with a montage that included a horde of Stay Puft Marshmallow Men attacking you in Left…

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

PC E3 2015 – Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Guild Halls

ArenaNet unveiled the world trailer for Guild Halls, a feature to be implemented in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion. With the guild halls features, guilds will be able to…

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Try Guild Wars 2 for free this week!

Guild Wars 2, a fantasy MMORPG, is going to be free for a week from the 25th of September. Guild Wars 2’s developer, ArenaNet, announced that the free week would…

Guild Wars 2 Featured

A Look Back – Guild Wars 2

A Look Back is a new series that will be taking a look at some of our favorite games of the past. Today’s look back is Guild Wars 2. After…