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GTAV Overhaul Mod Pinnacle of V is released featured image

GTA V Overhaul Mod Pinnacle of V is released

Rockstar’s policy regarding mods in GTA V is unforgiving if it touches multiplayer, inciting a lot of fear and caution. Fear, however, is not enough to stave off ambitious projects…

Grand Theft Auto V

New Update For Grand Theft Auto V, Reportedly Breaks Mods

Rockstar has released a patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, and users are reporting that the update is breaking user-created mods. Patch 350.1’s changelog deals primarily…


UPDATE Norwegian Women’s Front Attempts to Get GTA V Removed from Stores

Disclaimer: This article is based on a Google Translation of 2 articles written originally in Norwegian and therefore not all information could be completely accurate. If you read Norwegian, please…