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G2A Begins Verification for New Sellers

In press release, G2A has announced that, effective immediately, they will begin a verification process for new sellers the platform. They say that the measures enacted will be only the…

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What G2A Is and Why You Should Care

If you’ve been paying attention to the gaming world, specifically the industry news, you’ll no doubt have heard about the rumblings developer and publisher tinyBuild has been making in regards to G2A.…

Manga Gamer Sorry

Grey Market Forces MangaGamer To Take Down Payment Processor

The grey market for Steam keys can be seen as a way to get your favorite games for a virtual steal, but as anyone that knows the industry can tell…

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[UPDATE] Ubisoft Removes Keys from Uplay Purchased on the Grey Market

Several Ubisoft customers have been complaining that their games are no longer working through Ubisoft’s official Uplay service and that their games are being removed from their Uplay library. It…