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AMD Details Ryzen Mobile For Ultrathin Laptops

AMD has announced a mobile version of its Ryzen architecture. Formally known on roadmaps under the codename “Raven Ridge”, these new chips contain CPU cores based on AMD’s Zen architecture…


AMD May Have Outed New 400 Series Radeon Cards

AMD Polaris based Radeon GPUs have been flying off the shelves since their debut, to say the least. The RX 480’s attractive price point for good performance for the reference…

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Nvidia Announces Mobile Pascal GPU’s

Nvidia has refreshed its mobile GPU lineup with new Pascal chips. Today, they announced the release of mobile variants of the GTX 1080, 1070, and 1060. Unlike previous generations of…


AMD Launches Radeon Crimson Driver

In an overhaul to their graphics drivers, AMD has released AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers. Like the Omega release last year, this is a large update to their Catalyst…


AMD Announces Groundbreaking New Technology

AMD has recently announced a technology called High Bandwidth Memory(HBM), and makes bold claims about how this new technology will address the major problems with existing computer memory. AMD lays…

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A Look Into the Future With DirectX 12 and Square Enix

There’s been some hype behind the reveal of DirectX 12 with the new Windows 10, and Square Enix partnered up with Microsoft to show off the capabilities of the new…

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Nvidia’s GTX 960: The Devil is in the Details

Nvidia’s recently released GTX 960 proudly positions itself as the $199 ‘sweet spot’ GPU for mid-range PC gamers. The official press release boasts about power efficiency of the card through…

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NVIDIA release GTX 980M and GTX 970M

Nvidia released today the GTX 980M and the GTX 970M, their two new flagship mobile GPUs.

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GIGABYTE releases its latest GPU computing server

Today Gigabyte, in partnership with Carri Systems, has released its latest GPU computing server, the G210-H4G.


Nvidia’s new “shadowplay” technology enters beta stage

Last week, the latest GeForce update (1.7) saw the delivery of shadowplay to all Kepler owners. This new media focused feature allows gamers to capture and save moments that they…