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Goliath Review: Where’s David When You Need Him?

Have you ever listened to someone try to explain a concept to you, and you can tell as they go on that something is missing because the person describing that idea…


Goliath Update: Patches and DLC

On May 19th, Jeremy Zoss (JZossMPLS on Steam), the marketing manager for the game Goliath by Whalebox Studio, released an update detailing 3 major updates coming to the game in…


Indie Interview – Whalebox Studios on Their New Game Goliath

TechRaptor recently interviewed Tyler Nagata of Whalebox Studios about their new game, Goliath, a Survival Mech Builder. Goliath is a third-person action-adventure survival game set in a chaotic world filled…

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The Movie Industry vs Goliath: The Conspiracy to Take Down Google

The news story I recently wrote about a corrupt attorney general conspiring with the MPAA to take down Google has certainly caught the interest of our readers. Although the emails…


Survival Mech Builder Goliath Announced

Are you tired of all the survival horror zombie games out there? Building the same tired old toys and running through a lot of similar tropes? Well, perhaps you aren’t…