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Glitch Articles


Battlefield 1 Glitch Drops Resolution to 160×90

Many gamers, myself included, don’t put a heavy emphasis on graphical fidelity. A game’s aesthetic doesn’t matter much when the gameplay is good in theory. Gameplay is far more important…

The Division Logo

New Division Glitches Give Massive Damage

A new exploit in Tom Clancy’s The Division has been discovered by players. This time, the glitch takes advantage of the Competent talent in order to boost the character’s damage…

pac man smash

Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS has an odd tomato glitch

In what is apparently an odd glitch discovered by user Leron Tolmachev in Super Smash Bros. any item spawned in during any mode will cause Pac-Man to wear or use a tomato for…

Untitled 13

Glitch on OSX Spotlight could expose privacy and system details of Apple Mail users

A glitch on the Spotlight Search feature of Apple OSX Yosemite has been found. Firstly reported by the German tech website Heise, the glitch can possibly represent a significant privacy issue…

Yoshi Big Feature

Super Smash Bros. Huge Character Glitch

Considered one of the funniest discoveries this week in news, a Japanese Youtube Channel (only translated to Smash Bros.) posted a video where Yoshi grows to tremendous size as the…