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Borderless Gaming Developer Andrew Sampson Announces Rainway

Andrew Sampson, the developer behind Borderless Gaming and Steam Cleaner, has announced an upcoming program called Rainway on the website for Ulterius. Rainway is going to be a streaming program that…

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Nintendo Hits freeShop Homebrew App with DMCA

Nintendo has filed a DMCA takedown against the freeShop homebrew application that allowed users to download 3DS titles without using the vanilla eShop as reported by Nintendo Life. freeShop is an app…

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Does This Study Actually Prove Bias Against Women in Open Source

A recent study has been all over the media recently, and it claims to show both that women in open source are more competent than men and that women face…

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Executives Abandon GitHub Amid Culture Shift At the Company

The repository hosting company GitHub appears to be in the midst of a crisis, with at least 10 executives leaving in the last few months. A recent article from Business…