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The Round Up: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt released on Tuesday May 19th, with some surprising recommended requirements on PC. So, like the GTA V PC we did last month, we’re going…


The Round Up: Screw Prebuilt Edition

Ever since I have started writing this weekly article, people have been saying “Why not just buy prebuilt computers instead?” Other than the cost savings you can get or performance…

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The Round Up: Low End Gaming PC

The last few weeks we’ve been going bonkers with high resolutions, high prices, and high speeds, but what about someone who just wants to play some older games? Well that’s…


<$400 Beginner PC Build or How to Learn from Mistakes

So, my last build got a fair bit of criticism, and like any good writer, I’m going to take that in stride. My “console killer” build had a few people…

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GIGABYTE releases its latest GPU computing server

Today Gigabyte, in partnership with Carri Systems, has released its latest GPU computing server, the G210-H4G.