Gen Con 50 Articles

Syrinscape Gen Con

Syrinscape: Epic RPG Sounds at Gen Con 2017

Are you looking for a way to spice up that Pathfinder campaign that seems to have hit a lull? Or maybe you just want to add some ambiance to your…

Steve Jackson Games Gen Con 2017

Steve Jackson Games: Port Royal, Muertoons, & Kitties – Gen Con 2017

Every year at Gen Con, the Steve Jackson booth is packed with attendees trying to see what’s next from the coveted Munchkin’s developer. Of course, they were showing off the…

Gen Con 50 Phoenix

Gen Con 50 Had Record-Breaking Attendance

Gen Con has broke turnstile attendance records on its 50th anniversary as reported by Dice Tower News. For those not in the know, Gen Con is a gaming convention that…