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Gen Con 2015 Articles

Flick Em Up Board

GenCon 2015 – Flick ‘Em Up Interview & Demo

Before you ask, yes, I know. It’s a bit late. We do our best to get content out on a regular basis, but there was a lot to go through…

Shadowrun Hong Kong

Gen Con 2015 – Shadowrun: Hong Kong

While we were at Gen Con 2015 to talk tabletop, we did manage to stop by Harebrained Scheme’s booth and talk to them about their tabletop offerings like Golem Arcana…

Warehouse 51 Gen Con

Gen Con 2015 – Collect the Artifacts with Warehouse 51

Have you ever wanted to collect ancient artifacts with wondrous properties? Well then, as one of a few multimillionaires from around the world, you have the opportunity to bid on artifacts…

Numenera Into the Light

Gen Con 2015- Numenera: Into the Ninth World Series

Numenera is heading back to Kickstarter. The science-fiction fantasy role-playing game developed by Monte Cook announced at GenCon that their new sourcebook expansion series, titled Into the Ninth World, is…

Evil Hat Productions

Gen Con 2015 – Evil Hat’s Big Plans

It’s that time of year in the tabletop industry, when board gamers and roleplayers gather together for several days in Indianapolis to celebrate their hobbies and find out the latest…


Gen Con 2015 – Stonemaier Games and Scythe

At Gen Con we have the chance to sit down and talk with many people about the games they are working on and creating. One of those people was Jamey…