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keep talking and nobody explodes bomb

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Heading To Consoles This Summer

Steel Crate Games’ bomb defusing game¬†Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes will be heading to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch this summer according to a tweet from the…

Heroes of the Seven Seas Review Header

Heroes of the Seven Seas Review – Failures of the Four Oceans

Pirates. VR. That seems like a no brainier right? Many things can be improved simply by tossing it in VR, and there has always been an¬†interest in pirates, especially after…

Bandid Six Review Header

Bandit Six: Combined Arms Review – Two Arms are Better Than One

We have multiple different VR platforms available right now, and not all games get released on all platforms. Gear VR has seen a couple of shooters in the form of…

Darknet 20170310232619

Darknet Review – Hacking the World

If movies have ever taught me one thing it’s this: hackers use virtual reality. That’s just obvious. So now I finally have a game that lets me live my virtual…

myVR Preview

Social VR Platform myVR Announced For Mobile Devices

Today Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez, co-founders of the web-based discovery platform myWebRoom announced a new social experience for VR that they are calling myVR. While the majority of VR…


NBA bringing courtside seats to you with virtual reality

Anyone doubting that 2015 will be the year that VR comes to the masses need only listen to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Speaking at a business conference in London, Silver…