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SPJ Airplay Afternoon Recap, Bomb Threat

Author Note: The original article incorrectly attributes the quote given by Christina Hoff Sommers to Alison Tieman. It was actually a quote from Alison Prime. The content and link has…


BasedGamer Funded: What you need to know

The Indiegogo campaign for BasedGamer, a user driven aggregation and gaming community site, has been successfully funded. BasedGamer was pitched by Jennie Bharaj, a youtube personality focused on academic critique…

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GTA V is the catalyst for New Zealand Retail Group’s Decision to Take R18 Movies and Games off their Shelves

The Warehouse Group, New Zealand’s largest retail group, has decided to take all R18 rated movies and video games of their shelves, after recently reviewing their range, the New Zealand…

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Do We Need More Female Protagonists in Video Games?

Recently on a podcast a viewer tweeted in to ask “What was my favourite female protagonist growing up?” It should have been an easy question but after pausing for an…