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diablo immortal dontinquire line

Diablo Immortal’s Frosty Reception And A Chat With The Red Shirt Dontinquire

Diablo Immortal was announced at Blizzcon’s Opening Ceremony. Since then, it’s reception can be charitably described as lukewarm at best. A foray into mobile gaming for Blizzard Entertainment’s premiere Action…

a heros journey art

Draw Your Own Destiny In A Hero’s Journey

Play NYC had six special “Graffiti Games” installed in the opera boxes of the Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom. These games were commissioned especially for the show and created by immigrant…

treasure adventure world players at play nyc 2018

Treasure Adventure World Looking To The Future

Treasure Adventure World is a game I first heard about earlier in 2018. I didn’t get to experience it myself, but we reviewed the game not too long after its…