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Has Been Heroes 20170327184557

Has-Been Heroes Receives Free Expansion

Earlier this year we saw Has-Been Heroes, a roguelite that had a bunch of old retired heroes get the party back together for one more quest. The game was fun,…

Has Been Heroes 20170327184557

Has-Been Heroes Review – Worth Hiring

Heroes get old. Everyone gets old, but heroes can’t quite continue to do their job once they have trouble lifting their weapons. Despite this, Has-Been Heroes sees a group of…

Deformers Header

Arena Smash-Em-Up Deformers Releases in February

Today, Ready at Dawn announced the release date for their next title, the cartoonish, arena smash-em-up Deformers, which is about as different as you can get from their last title The Order:…

indiebox logos

IndieBox And GameStop Bringing Ten Indies To Retail

IndieBox, one of several companies in the business of staving off our all-digital future, is a company that puts together collectors editions of various digital games. Their original business model was similar…

Song of the Deep Header

Song of the Deep Review – Rather Shallow

What goes on around a game’s development can sometimes be rather interesting. Song of the Deep is a short Metroidvania created by Insomniac Games. It’s also the first game published…