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Games Republic Shutdown

[Updated] Games Republic Shuts Down Forever On January 31

Digital gaming retailer Games Republic will be shutting down on January 31, 2017. The announcement was made back in December that Games Republic would be shutting down. The store itself immediately…

Castle of Illusion 2

[Updated] Castle of Illusion Steam Keys Are Being Revoked

Update: DLgamer has given a response to a user on NeoGAF about the situation after speaking with Sega. Sega just answered us. It’s an issue on Genba side which are managing…

2016 12 12

Games Republic Shutting Down

We’re in the closing days of 2016, but it seems victims of the killer year continue to pile up. Today’s victim is not a person but rather a service. Digital…

Civilization VI

$15.99 Civilization VI Was An Error; Being Refunded + Bonuses

Yesterday, we and many others spotted that Games Republic had what appeared to be a rather insane deal on the new Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Deluxe Edition for only $15.99, only a…


Shoestring Gaming – Shadows of I Am Batman

Welcome one and all to Shoestring Gaming, where we lay out the best deals of the week for readers who want the best games without having to pay for them.…