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Nintendo Of America Has Apparently Stopped Selling Wii U Gamepad Batteries

Nintendo of America has stopped selling battery replacements for the Wii U GamePad. Reddit user DaylonS broke the news via a post on r/nintendo in which they detail their attempts…

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GPD Win 2 Announced, Costs $699 and Releasing in 2018

Shenzhen-based GamePad Digital has announced the palmtop “GPD Win 2” portable gaming system, set to cost $699 and release sometime in 2018. The portable handheld promises vast improvements over the…

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Wii U Update Lets Users Create Folders/Modify Quick Start Menu

Version 5.2.0 for Wii U is now available for Wii U owners, and with it come a number of marginal improvements to the console functionality, particularly involving the home screen…