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I Went To A Game Jam With Zero Development Skills; Here’s What I Learned

This past weekend, I was invited to attend a 24-hour Game Jam by one of my good friends, Vik. Both of us having absolutely zero experience developing games, but we…

Humble Bundle Blockjam

Humble Bundle Game Jam – Blockjam

Yesterday, Humble Bundle launched its newest game jam, Blockjam, and it’s now in its second day. The Blockjam supports the Block by Block initiative, which gives poor communities of developing…

war child

International Game Jam to Raise Money for War Child

20 years after music legends such as Oasis, Blur, The Stone Roses and Paul McCartney gathered together to create the album Help raising over $1 million for the charity War…

rare game jam

Rare to Hold their Creative Jam Next Week

One of the most popular British development companies of all time, Rare Ltd, will be holding their Creative Jam next week. For those not in the know, Game Jams are…