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destiny 2 power level guide

Destiny 2 Power Level Guide: Tips and Tricks to Reach 300

Formerly called Light level, Power level in Destiny 2 determines your character’s overall strength based on equipped gear. Increasing one’s Power level is needed to make tough end-game missions more…

destiny 2 heroic public events guide

Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events Guide: Requirements and How to Complete All 8 Events

Each explorable planet with hostile enemies in Destiny 2 is abundantly filled with optional activities, including public events, which is a great way to earn glimmer, loot, and EXP. Players…

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn is a sprawling game, with a ton of content for you to explore and come across as you make your way through both the main questline, and…

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Guide

There’s no shortage of things for you to do, machines for you to fight, and areas for you to climb and explore in Horizon Zero Dawn. With things like Vantage…