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John OMeara State of Industry

Discussing the Game Pricing, Piracy, & Demos with John O’Meara of Zero Eden Games

I interviewed John O’Meara about a neat game called Galactose: Pastries In Space. It’s a cool game about cupcake fighters in space. (Really.) In addition to the conversation we had about his…

just dance 2016

Free Just Dance 2016 demo with app

Ubisoft’s next installment in the popular rhythm game franchise Just Dance is launching on October 20 however, a demo of Just Dance 2016 is available now. The demo is for WiiU, Xbox One,…

EA Logo

EA Looking Into “Free-To-Start” Model for Consoles

Electronic Art’s CEO Andrew Wilson is looking into something new for console owners. According to Wilson, EA is looking to expand its free-to-play options by pushing for what is being…