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The Game Boy Classic – What Should It Have?

With sales of the Classic consoles reaching over two million units, it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing in the world if Nintendo announced the release of a Game Boy…

Pokemon Gold and Silver Review Header

Rewind Review – Pokemon Gold and Silver

Nintendo rereleasing Pokemon Gold and Silver is classic Nintendo in many ways, offering their fan base a chance to revisit worlds long lost to the ravages of time. This is a natural…

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SmartBoy Releasing in Europe

PQube has partnered with Hyperkin to release the SmartBoy to the European Market. Hyperkin is a video game hardware development company from Los Angeles who have developed a device that…

Warlocked Gaming Obscure Boxart Cover

Gaming Obscura: Warlocked

A real-time strategy game is usually a genre that thrived only on the PC. Console versions of RTS titles, from Command and Conquer to Halo Wars always struggled to maintain an…


Nintendo Shuts Down Fan-Made ROM Hack Pokémon Prism

Nintendo continues to pursue punitive efforts against anyone using their assets without permission, as they have now issued a Cease and Desist order against the creator of ROM Hack Pokémon…

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Best Gaming Sequel: Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver are the perfect example of what makes a good sequel. The mantra “A good sequel is one that builds upon and expands the original” is so often…