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Inti Creates Announces Gal*Gun 2

If you asked me before June of last year if we would see Gal*Gun in the west, I’d tell you a no but that answer sure did not hold up,…

Blaster Master Zero Update

Blaster Master Zero 1.2 Update Adds Destroyer and EX Character Modes

On May 3 developer Inti Creates released the 1.2 update for Blaster Master Zero which added two new modes to the game: Destroyer and EX Character. Destroyer mode is basically an…


Gal*Gun: Double Peace is Getting Steam-y Starting September 27th

Remember Gal*Gun: Double Peace? You know, that on-rails shooter that came out on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 recently, that PQube published in the west? The one with the hilarious…

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace $90 DLC Not Releasing In Europe

There have been a lot of crazy DLC offerings over the years ever since Bethesda began the practice with Oblivion‘s Horse Armor DLC. Few, however, can match Gal*Gun: Double Peace‘s level of insanity…

Censored Gaming Criminal Girls 2

The Censored Gaming Recap (25th – 31st July 2016)

Welcome to the Censored Gaming Recap! In these articles, we take a look back at all of the latest happenings in the world of censorship and then round them up…

Gal Gun Double Peace PQube IntoCreates Australia

[Updated] Gal*Gun: Double Peace Pulled From EB Games Australia

Update 2: PQube Games has gotten back to us with the following statement on the situation by Peter Fury the PR Executive at PQube: I can confirm that EB Games…