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Galaxy Note 7 Articles

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 7 Battery Report

Samsung has confirmed that the batteries were the cause of potential fire and explosion issues with the Galaxy Note 7. Specifically, Samsung found that the batteries can short circuit when…

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Completely Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7

A few weeks ago Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after a number of them randomly caught fire. Owners of the phone got sent replacements by Samsung but…

samsung galaxy note 7

All About The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Explosion Issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was Apple’s biggest competitor, releasing around the same time as the hotly desired iPhone 7. Now, a couple weeks after its launch, consumers are returning…

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Samsung Recalls 2.5 Million Fire-Prone Phones

Following reports of fires caused by Galaxy Note 7 phones, Samsung has voluntarily recalled the devices in ten markets, including the United States. The problem is said to be with…