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Gear S3

Samsung Announces Gear S3 Smartwatches

Samsung announced its new series of Smartwatches today. Succeeding the Gear S2, the Gear S3 brings new features to Samsung’s Tizen based watch line. The Gear S3 comes in two…

Note 4 Cover

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Note 4 with Quad HD Display and Improved Camera

Three years ago Samsung unveiled the first in their line of “phablet” phones, bringing a previously unheard of 5in screen. What started as throwing innovation at the wall and seeing what…

Mobile Vs Handheld 11

In Your Pocket Or In Your Bag: Mobile Or Handheld?

Today as I sit here I have 3 things next to me: my iPhone, my Nintendo 3DS XL, and my Playstation Vita. These are 3 things that go with me…

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 front back.jpg 640x488

Galaxy Note III Review

Have you ever looked at your phone and thought, this could be bigger? Well, have I got the phone for you, in my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note III.…