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NAMCO Museum

Namco Museum Coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer

Japanese games developer NAMCO is releasing a collection of arcade games to the Nintendo Switch at some point this summer called NAMCO Museum. This collection was announced during a recent Nintendo…

Nintendo Classic

[Updated] Nintendo Is Re-Releasing the NES This November

Update: Nintendo has confirmed that the 30 games that come with the device will be the only games the NES Classic Edition will be getting. The console is a standalone device,…

pac man kill screen 1 1

Rumor: Classic Arcade Games Headed To Xbox One In May

It seems an Amazon listing spotted recently by GamingTreehouse has revealed the release date of a special pack of three classic arcade games for the Xbox One May 3. Before…

pac man smash

Bandai Namco Opens its IP Vault To Developers [Updated]

UPDATE: A representative for Bandai Namco had this to say regarding an American version of the program: “This program is currently exclusive to Japanese domestic developers. There may be a…