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Shadow of Mordor Header

$5 Shadow Of Mordor Complete Bundle and 81% off Civilization Titles!

It’s a weekend of Lord of the Rings (Shadow of Mordor), Civilization, and Galactic Civilizations in PC gaming deals. As gamers ourselves, three sales have really perked our interest from two…

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Galactic Civilizations III Review – Even More Galactic

Are you familiar with Stardock? If you are, it’s probably because of their Galactic Civilizations series. I remember the unending buzz around the original GalCiv back in the early 2000s.…

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Galactic Civilizations III Gets Release Date

The benevolent space lords at Stardock have announced a release date for their much anticipated title Galactic Civilizations III. This latest addition to the 4X space-conquest genre has been in…

most anticipated rpg of 2015

Most Anticipated RPG and Strategy Titles for 2015 — Top 10

2015 is upon us and I’m happy to say that this year’s release schedule is looking pretty promising. It’s very exciting for me to have already found so many games…