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Humble Bundle Logo

Humble Bundle Brings Classic and Modern Sierra Games Together

Yesterday a bunch of Sierra (and some other Activision) classics got rereleased onto Steam. Today we know why, as the Humble Sierra Bundle offers 4 tiers of 35 games. The…

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Activision Weekend Promo Stars Troika and Sierra

GOG, everyone’s favorite land for old or forgotten games that you can’t buy anywhere else except eBay, is offering a 66% off sale on their Activision catalog(affiliate link) in what…

Gabriel Knight 20th

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Getting Mobile Release, Will be Episodic

The 20th Anniversary remaster of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, which was released on PC in October of last year, is now making its way to Apple and Android mobile…

its a raptor chatting

Raptor Chats – Adventure Games of 2014

Welcome to the first of several Raptor Chats we had this holiday season. What are Raptor Chats? Well we had topics here we wanted to discuss that didn’t fit the…

Gabriel Knight1

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Release

Long ago, there was an era where games were not all about shooting quickest or going between constant cut scenes – instead they were games with stories and puzzles that…