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G2A Responds to “G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths”

Last week, we published “G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths,” where I went through the response G2A gave to Gearbox Software in regards to Gearbox’s list of demands for G2A. G2A…

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G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths

G2A is pretty smart. They know that because they often have the best deals on games, people are going to buy from them. Most people don’t care about what buying from…

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Indiegala Customers Automatically Signed Up for G2A Shield Due to G2A “IT Error”

A few days ago, popular subreddit r/GameDeals, a place where many deals and sales on games are posted, put out a PSA that some people who had purchased games from…