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G2A Responds to “G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths”

Last week, we published “G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths,” where I went through the response G2A gave to Gearbox Software in regards to¬†Gearbox’s list of demands for G2A. G2A…

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G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths

G2A is pretty smart. They know that because they often have the best deals on games, people are going to buy from them. Most people don’t care about what¬†buying from…

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Indiegala Customers Automatically Signed Up for G2A Shield Due to G2A “IT Error”

A few days ago, popular subreddit r/GameDeals, a place where many deals and sales on games are posted, put out a PSA that some people who had purchased games from…