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GOG Deals 472017

GOG Deals 4/7-10: 75% Off On Titan Souls, Hotline Miami 2, FTL and More

The weekend comes around and as always GOG is here to help you find some games to pass the time with at a discount. This time we’ve got largely indie…

Into the Stars Logo

Into the Stars Review- Black Hole of Blandness

Sometimes as a reviewer, you come across a game that can be summed up in pretty much a few sentences. These type of games, usually due to their banal design,…

dishonored feature variety

The Fallacy of Feature Variety

A game full of features, mechanics, and gameplay variety is nothing but a good thing right? Well sure, if it is done correctly, but that is not usually the case.…

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FTL: Advanced Edition Review

Finally, it’s time to scream, “Divert power to the shields” at your monitor again! Subset Games, the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light, released their Advanced Edition update on April…

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FTL: Faster Than Light Review: Captain Your Own Ship!

Alarms are sounding loudly while the room is lit up red with the pulses of the alert. Smoke is rising and the lieutenant is screaming what your orders are. “Captain,…