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Destiny 2 Strike

Destiny 2 Microtransactions Include Equipment Modifications

Destiny 2 is now out in some parts of the world and many are taking to popular streaming services such as Twitch to show off just as much of the…


Apple Gets Rid of “Free” Label For Apps

Freemium games are on the rise, but there has been a widespread criticism of them since their inception. Why? Because Freemium games are in no way free. Yeah, they start…


“House of Heroes” is a Mobile DotA TCG

Garena (AKA League of Legends’ SEA  distributor) has recently entered the mobile market with House of Heroes, a fun little Trading Card title that also happens to feature the cast…

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Swiftkey for Android, now free

Swiftkey is an extremely popular third-party keyboard for Android with over a million downloads from the Google Play store. The basis for Swiftkey is to replace the standard Android keyboard…