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Lampight City Nursery Header

Solve Crimes in Alternate History Louisiana in Lamplight City Q2 2018

Lamplight City, an upcoming adventure game by Grundislav Games (developer of Shardlight and A Golden Wake), has teamed up with publisher Application Systems Heidelberg and announced an expected release window of Q2 2018 according…

Lamplight City Cholmondeley

Francisco Gonzalez Announces New Game Lamplight City

Francisco Gonzalez (developer of adventure game titles Shardlight for Wadjet Eye Games and A Golden Wake for his company Grundislav Games) has announced a new game titled Lamplight City on the official Adventure Game Studio forums. Lamplight…

Shardlight Title Card

Shardlight Review – A Shattered City

I previewed Shardlight not too long ago, and I moved onto the full version of the game not long after the preview went to press. The preview build ended on a bit of a…

Shardlight View

Shardlight Preview – The Light of Civilization

When I attended Playcrafting’s 2015 Fall Expo, I asked the TechRaptor staff if there were any particular games they’d like me to check out. A few people pointed me out to…

Shardlight Header

A Conversation with Francisco Gonzalez about Shardlight

With the exception of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, I’ve never played a point and click game. So when I had multiple fellow writers at TechRaptor express their interest in Shardlight, I knew that it…