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Sonic Forces PC Port Launches Off Course with Performance and Crashes

When Sega was talking about joining the uprising within the plot of Sonic Forces, I don’t believe they were talking about the players of the game. Yet, that’s what has happened…


Battlefield 1 Glitch Drops Resolution to 160×90

Many gamers, myself included, don’t put a heavy emphasis on graphical fidelity. A game’s aesthetic doesn’t matter much when the gameplay is good in theory. Gameplay is far more important…


Mafia 3 on PC No Longer Capped at 30 FPS

PC gamers (myself included) can be a picky bunch. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on our gaming rigs and expect high performance with it. That is not always…

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The Evil Within Developers Release ‘Unsupported’ Framerate Fix

The Evil Within was recently released on Steam, and already Bethesda has a ‘fix’ for those who want a higher framerate.

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The Evil Within’s Framerate to be Capped on PC?

There are very few things that PC gamers truly agree on, but the universal dislike for an arbitrarily limited framerate is definitely one of them.