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Crossing Souls Review – More Than A Nostalgia Trip

I’ve been waiting for the release of Crossing Souls for a while. This 80s-style action platformer has five interchangeable playable characters, a nostalgic concept and a host of fresh mechanics. It caught…

crossing souls preview

Crossing Souls Preview – 80s Pixel Puzzles

It was the cutscenes that first drew me to Crossing Souls, and that’s not a statement I’ve ever uttered before. The Saturday morning cartoon feel and VHS filter had me intrigued…

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Indie Interview: Fourattic on Crossing Souls

Every month at TechRaptor, I take a look at all the games releasing the following month. I then make a list highlighting games of interest and writing a short blurb. …

pax south techraptor top 10

Top 10 Games at PAX South 2018

Tackling a convention as a one-man show is never ideal. There are always too many games to see and not enough time to see them. While I can only apologize…


PSX 2017 First Impressions – Crossing Souls

If you are a fan of The Goonies, Stranger Things, or the IT remake, Crossing Souls will definitely scratch that itch of wanting an 80s style summertime adventure.  As cliche…