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SHOGO: The Most Fascinating Shooter You Never Played

I don’t feel like saying 1998 was a good year for shooters is a particularly controversial statement. It was the year of heavy hitters Half-Life, Unreal, and Rainbow Six, and beloved (but noticeably…

Half Life Opposing Force Header

First Person Spotlight – Half-Life: Opposing Force

Despite my love of FPS games, I have a few huge weak spots in my library. I’ve never beaten Unreal. I’ve never spent more than an hour in any given S.T.A.L.K.E.R.…

Plunder and Pillage

First Person Spotlight – Plunder and Pillage

When I did my First Person Spotlight on Pirate Doom, I was fairly certain it was the only pirate-themed FPS in existence. I had done tons of research for this series,…

Pirate Doom

First Person Spotlight – Pirate Doom

Welcome to First Person Spotlight, a series where I will be shining a light on FPS games of all types, be they famous failures or obscure gems. Consider it something of…