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Switch Will Allegedly Have Video Capture Time and Games Increased

Earlier this morning, we reported that Nintendo released a new firmware update for the Switch. While features like new user icons, pre-loading new releases, and file transfers are worthy to…

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Your Wi-Fi May Be The Reason You Are Losing Frames On Your Nintendo Switch

Given the fact that the Nintendo Switch is a portable console, you would think that any FPS issues would stem from overheating, right? Well, not really. A report over on…

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The Nintendo Switch Has Already Been Hacked

Earlier today, LiveOverFlow published a Proof of Concept file on Wololo, confirming that the iOS 9.3 webkit exploit was working on the Nintendo Switch with minimal changes. This hack was…

Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo Caught Preinstalling Security Risk Bloatware, Again

Earlier this year, Lenovo got into some hot water after it was discovered that some Lenovo laptops came preinstalled with the Superfish bloatware. Despite Lenovo’s assurances, Superfish was found to…