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TR awards Best Mobile Game

2016 TechRaptor Awards – Best Mobile/Handheld Game

Gaming has become ubiquitous in pretty much every part of life, thanks in large part to handhelds and now mobile gaming. 2016 was a pretty landmark year for games on…

Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem: Fates

Fire Emblem: Fates comes in three games, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. You must choose between your birth family, your adopted family, or neither.

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Later Today – Leaks Hint at Contents

After last weeks short Pokemon Direct where they announced Pokemon S&M Sun and Moon, we have a new Nintendo direct going on later today. Set at 5 pm Eastern, the Nintendo direct was announced…

3DS FEFConquest case pkg01

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review – Tale of Silas and Swords

Fire Emblem Fates is the first game in a renewed Fire Emblem franchise, with a publisher and developer confident in the property’s viability for the first time since it hit the…

Pokken Tournament 1

Amiibo Watch – Pokken Fates

Welcome to another edition of Amiibo Watch, a collection of announcements about Nintendo’s burgeoning toy business. We have a couple of big releases coming from the Big N, which means…

fire emblem censor header

Western Release of Fire Emblem: Fates Cuts a Minigame

Last week we reported that Fire Emblem: Fates would have some modified dialogue in the west. Today, Nintendo of America has revealed to Kotaku that dialogue changes aren’t all that…

fire emblem fates

Nintendo Responds to Fire Emblem Fates Localization Changes

Yesterday we released an article talking about changes that are being made to the western localization of Fire Emblem Fates. The change is specifically about a sequence of conversations that…

soleil fire emblem fates

Nintendo is Censoring Fire Emblem Fates Soilel Support Conversation

Revealed in a new statement to NintendoWorldReport, a controversial section of the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates is being changed for western releases. In particular, after raising an uproar last year it…

Bravely Second End Layer Collectors Edition Header

Nintendo Showcases Upcoming 3DS RPGS

Fans of Nintendo RPGs will be pleased to hear that release dates and more details about upcoming titles have been revealed, along with the announcement of some special Collector’s Edition…

soleil fire emblem fates

Fire Emblem Fates Does Not Include Gay Conversion Therapy

I noticed a worrying pattern from the people currently commenting on the controversy surrounding Fire Emblem Fates. Many were men who hadn’t actually played the game and who have a…