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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Preview Image

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Shows Up On UK PlayStation Store

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is (probably) coming to PS4, according to an icon spotted on the UK PlayStation Store. The icon is for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD, and appears…

square enix e3 2018 placeholder image

Predicting E3 2018: Square Enix

Square Enix is known for many, many games nowadays. They have a treasure trove of IPs at their disposal, and many of them are world-renowned. Square Enix opted to skip…

final fantasy xv pizza edition

Final Fantasy XV and Papa John’s Teams Up, Because Why Not?

I remember Final Fantasy XV for it’s that fun combat, interesting characters, and an open world I really enjoyed. After that, I also remember a lovely soundtrack and beautiful graphics.…

Final Fantasy XV Is Getting 2 More Years Of Content

Developer Square Enix, in their unrelenting crusade to constantly update the best Cup Noodle advertisement of all time, announced a few major updates to its flagship title Final Fantasy XV. …

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Port Report – The Hills and Valleys of Eos

I just recently had the pleasure of playing Final Fantasy XV a few months ago during my Year of Final Fantasy celebration, so I was very excited to see what kind of enhancements the…


Final Fantasy XV To Receive Half Life DLC Alongside Another Year Of Content

Developer Square Enix is doing a great job at making Final Fantasy XV the standard for “games as a service”.  In a recent community message from the games director Hajime Tabata, it…

ffxv pocket edition

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Coming To Android And iOS February 9th

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is coming to Android and iOS on February 9th. The game was announced for Android and iOS back in August 2017. An iOS App Store page… lphypsuxnks

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Announced And Windows Edition Release Date Revealed

Update: Looks like the $19.99 price point for the Royal Edition upgrade was a mistake. The final price point is undetermined. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition has been announced for Xbox…

final fantasy xv camp

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Leaked

Hold on to your wallets, fans, it looks like there is another version of Final Fantasy XV in the works. Though unannounced by Square Enix, there is now an ESRB…

final fantasy xv 20171206124437

The Year of Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy XV

As the known prophet and personal best friend of mine Adele once said: “This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten. Feel the earth move, and then…

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