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[Rumor] Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Xbox One

Games from the last generation getting ported to the current generation is a common practice, and there’s a possibility that Square Enix will be continuing that soon. Recently a listing…

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Square Enix Closes Game Stream Service After Less Than a Year

The online streaming service by Square Enix, named Dive In, is getting canned on September 13th. Launched last October in Japan, Dive In allowed players to play games on their…

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Final Fantasy XIII: Steam Port Review

   Final Fantasy XIII has had an extremely conflicted reception between the praise of critics and the mixed opinions of fans, but the recent Steam release isn’t doing any favors…

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Subpar PC Ports Hurt Everyone

Square Enix’s announcement of the ‘Lightning Trilogy’[Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns] coming to Steam a few months ago was cloaked in speculation and rumor until the first title…

lightning final fantasy xiii

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy confirmed for PC, Steam

A few days ago, the Steam logo was seen on the Final Fantasy XIII page for Square Enix. Of course, rumors started to fly that the trilogy was coming to…

ff13 final fantasy xiii logo

Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII coming to Steam

It is unconfirmed (not anymore CONFIRMED HERE) whether or not this is a recent change, but on the Japanese portal site for Final Fantasy XIII, and its sequels, the Steam…