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Final Fantasy VII Remake Articles

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Shifts to Entirely In-House Development

In the wake of news that Square Enix’s much anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3, are expected to be released by 2020 at the latest,…


Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy VII Remake Due Within Three Years

It’s only reasonable to expect that Final Fantasy VII Remake would have a long window of time until a solid release date is announced. It appeared during E3 2015, so Kingdom Hearts…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

A highly-requested remake of the immensely popular Final Fantasy VII released in 1997, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will re-tell the story of Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE as they battle against the Shinra…

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More Info On Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Episodic Nature

When Square-Enix released the first trailer for the remake of their now legendary JRPG Final Fantasy VII, the fanbase wasn’t happy. The remake seemed to focus more on real-time combat, as…