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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Still Release As A Multi-Part Title

Back at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced, and the announcement was received with a lot of excitement and happiness from fans of…

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April 2019 Game Review Roundup

It’s … April I guess? Most months have some kind of important thing going on that defines the month. April pretty much just exists. Like, it’s a cool thing I…

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Coverage Club: Final Fantasy VII on Switch is Best Played On The Go

It’s a great port of a classic title.

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Video Game Releases for March 2019: Devil May Die Twice

March is an absolutely bumper month for Video Games with a huge number of big name titles releasing this month on all of the major consoles. What will you be…

playstation classic

PlayStation Classic Full Lineup Revealed – Final Fantasy, Metal Gear And More

The full lineup of games for the upcoming PlayStation Classic console has been revealed. The news came via a blog post on Sony’s website, which revealed all 20 games consumers…

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Play In Their World Once Again – PlayStation Classic Arrives December 3

Almost ten years after ceasing production, the first Sony console is making a return of sorts as the PlayStation Classic according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. Sony’s very first…


SPIRIT: A Game Music Charity Album Benefiting Hurricane Harvey Victims – Track by Track Breakdown

With the recent tragic events in Huston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, many charities have begun to help fund efforts to rebuild and like many industries, the game industry is…

crisis core

Rewind Review – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII had a big legacy to fill when it was released. A hotly anticipated story and a prequel to what is still arguably the most popular Final…

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The Year of Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy VII

Am I going to survive this month? How could I be so short-sighted as to miss the giant ball of fan-generated death looming over my precious Year of Final Fantasy?…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

A highly-requested remake of the immensely popular Final Fantasy VII released in 1997, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will re-tell the story of Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE as they battle against the Shinra…