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Final Fantasy VII Remake Shifts to Entirely In-House Development

In the wake of news that Square Enix’s much anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3, are expected to be released by 2020 at the latest,…

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[Updated] Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A Multi-Part Series

Update: The people at Kotaku have reached out to Square-Enix to shine some light on the episodic nature of the game. Square Enix had this to say: It means instead…

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Why the Date Sequence Should Stay in FF7

So we are finally getting a Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here’s the announcement trailer from E3 2015.

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Recap: Sony E3 2015 Conference

Sony started the show with a montage of both first and third party games showing on their curved stage screen. Shawn Layden came out to speak of the PlayStation 4’s…