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FIFA 18 Articles

FIFA 18 Cover

EA Announce New FIFA 18 Details, Including Dialogue Choices

The yearly release of a new FIFA installment is almost upon us and EA have detailed some of the new features fans can expect for FIFA 18 in this in-depth…

E3 Preview Image Nintendo 1

Nintendo E3 2017 – Recap

This year for E3, Nintendo hosted a special E3 Spotlight, and immediately followed that Spotlight with a Treehouse Live event. In this recap, I’ll be covering the announcements from both…

FIFA 18 Switch Promo

E3 2017 – FIFA 18 Switch Details

Electronic Arts finally talked about the release of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch. According to a press release, the Switch version of the game will contain almost all of the…

E3 Blank EA

EA E3 2017 – Conference Recap

Taking a page out of Sony’s book from their conference last year, EA opened their E3 2017 press conference with a musical number. However, unlike Sony, EA didn’t bring out…

EA FIFA 17 Regional Final

EA E3 2017: EA is “Doubling Down” On E-Sports

EA has announced that they’ll be “doubling down” on e-sports in the coming months. E-sports has been a strong part of the company’s community efforts in the past, and going…